Welcome to The Daily Lives of Kaitsun!

Welcome to kaitsunnonichijou or The Daily Lives of Kaitsun, a blog where I share things I want to share. Everyone’s making facebook posts nowadays just to share anything – from brilliant ideas to not-so-important statuses (i.e. I’m so sad right now ): #lonely), so I’m going back to the good-ol’ days of blogging glory. This isn’t my first time in making a blog; I’ve used blogger and multiply and a lot of other blog-hosting stuff as soon as learned how to use the internet, and I can say that I love being able to say the things you want without anyone stopping you. It’s the feeling of freedom, I guess.


I’ve had this since 2013 and was planning to open a blog last year but I only had the chance to use it this year. College stuff and org duties left me pretty exhausted to even manage a blog, hence the long break. This time, though, I decided to just do it. And after that, the planning process started again – starting from the topics that I will be posting, down to the menu names. I actually wanted to open this blog on the first day of the year, although that idea probably slipped through my mind.


kaitsunnonichijou will be catering all the things that I love: Anime, Hello! Project, and Japanese music. These fandoms also started from my wandering the internet. Why and how I got hooked up with them is what I’ll be writing here in my blog. Posts will be under three main categories: The 2D Life, Hello! Aidoru, and Ongaku Corner, which you can easily find on the menu. I hope you that doesn’t make me too-OCD for your taste.


And with that, I’ll end this post. You might have noticed it already, but I’m not too fancy with writing something like this. Even though you just stumbled upon this blog and you happen not to like it, I hope we can still be friends.