Winter 2015 Watch list

Even though Christmas is over, that doesn’t stop me from anticipating over the new surprises in store for Winter 2015. I think most of my anime friends know I’m too excited over KanColle, but now I have a couple of other stuff I’m curious about.

Let’s get this started!

1. The Rolling Girls (Wit Studio, Airs Jan 10)
– This is one of the series that has convinced me a lot of times. I’ve seen all that has to be seen: promotional video, visuals and character designs, and synopsis… and I loved everything that I saw. My biggest concern is that, even though the foundation looks good, this series can be easily derailed by a mediocre story. And while I’m praying that it won’t, my summed up first impression of the series gives me enough reason why I should see this: “Trigger in technicolor. KLK on pastel steroids. K-ON on motorbikes.”

2. ISUCA (Arms, Airs Jan 23)
– What made me curious about ISUCA is the key visual… well probably because that’s what the series has to offer yet. No proper promotional video to see, only a few seconds of picture frames and Japanese script I can’t read. ISUCA’s synopsis sounded a lot like Shakugan no Shana, in the very same predicament of “normal” boy meets magical girl. Add to that a couple of other magical girls with contrasting personas which makes it hard for you who to root for.

3. Absolute Duo (8bit, Aired Jan 4)
– So I just saw Absolute Duo. And athough that may warrant a change in what I have to say here, I didn’t. I can still feel Blade Dance vibes over AD; I actually never expected much from the series after reading the synopsis.Well, it is a fantasy high-school harem anime and I always have one to balance everything out.

4. Sengoku Musou (NAS, Airs Jan 11)
– The Sengoku Jidai fangirl in me says I should watch the anime. I knew Warring States Era in anime has been a longtime trend and Sengoku Musou isn’t the first series to have done this, but I love where they’re planning to focus the story on: a very important turn in history which started the Momoyama Era. That, plus the fact that this is based on one of the best hack-and-slash games ever made (IMHO). Huzzah!

5. Kami-sama Hajimemashita 2 (TMS Ent., Aired Jan 5)
– A.K.A. The Adventures of Nanami the Land Deity and her super-hot familiar Tomoe. Its first season hasn’t even garnered that much sales compared to other anime series that badly need sequels. Not to say, this anime only catered a certain type of demographic in the anime world. While I don’t understand why the series got its second season, what I only know is that first season has been really fun and left me wanting for more.

6. Kantai Collection (diomedia, Airs Jan 7)
– Definitely a must-watch for fans of the most popular anthropomorphic ship girls game on the internet. Kantai Collection, or Fleet Girls Collection, is a game originated from DMM wherein a player takes the role of an admiral or teitoku controlling different warships which were all patterned from real-life Japanese battleships during World War II… except they take the form of super-cute bishoujous. While the game has no solid story, the anime may take on a different route. We don’t know, but it’s going to be really interesting.

7. Tokyo Ghoul √A (Studio Pierrot, Airs Jan 8)
– Tokyo Ghoul definitely needed a second season, and thankfully (finally, as well) it’s here. Should there be any more to say? What will now happen to the silver-haired, transformed Kaneki?

8. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (A-1 Pictures, Airs Jan 8)
– If previous season’s Shirobako is an anime about making an anime, Saenai is an anime about making a visual novel about itself. Apart that it’s a new thing, one fact that stands out for me is that White Album 2’s author Maruto Fumiaki is the same author and scriptwriter for the series. White Album 2 is one of my favorite visual novels of all time. I guess it’s not hard to love Saenai.

9. Koufuku Graffiti (SHAFT, Airs Jan 8)
– How weird it is for SHAFT, a studio known for its surreal animation style, to cater an anime such as Koufuku Graffiti. Probably the best description I can make out of this new series is that it’s the type of anime that Kyoto Animation makes, not SHAFT. But while I try to make sense of this dilemma, the reason why I need to watch this anime is clear: Nothing stops SHAFT from making good anime, even though said anime is about girls eating delicious-looking food. Nothing!

10. The Idolm@aster: Cinderella Girls (A-1 Pictures, Airs Jan 9)
– I love idol-themed anime like Love Live and Wake Up Girls, but ever since I discovered this anime hobby I have never ventured into the world of IM@s. Reason? I hated knowing that I need to know all IM@s girls, considering their number. I still can’t see myself watching IM@s… that is, not until today. After years of idiotic denial, I am ready to jump ship, starting with the Cinderella Girls.

11. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Lerche, Airs Jan 9) Let’s get this started!
– First impression lasts. And usually, it also comes out true, especially with my experience with Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. My first impression was, if anything else, this anime’s got to be really unique. Guess what? I was right. The plot was really new to me, and even I’m not familiar with the popularity of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, reading the plot alone made me realize why. Kids, never ever think evil of your teacher.. unless said teacher is an alien who plans to destroy Earth.

12. Death Parade (Madhouse, Airs Jan 9)
– Welcome to Madhouse’s representation of Purgatorio, where souls are exposed and weighed before the final judgement. Although this will be director Tachikawa Yuzuru’s first full-length anime, I usually find enough reason to watch an anime if it’s by Madhouse under the psychological genre. Think of Mushi-shi, but with a slightly morbid tone… now that’s something to watch out for!


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