Kaitsun’s insights: Kantai Collection 01

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Atashi, ganbarimasu!

Kantai Collection Episode 01 「はじめまして、司令官!」Hajimemashite, shireikan!

Episode synopsis:
Humans are being denied access to the seas because of a mysterious fleet and their only hope are a bunch of reincarnated naval ships in the form of girls. Another day at the docks, and newcomer Fubuki (CV Uesaka Sumire), name ship of the Fubuki Class Destroyers, has just arrived. Having spotted enemy territory, Fubuki’s first day at the naval base turned out to be a battle experience. Fubuki, ganbarimasu!

It just occurred to me; I’ve been waiting for this anime for a year! Well, not as long as I’ve been waiting for K-ON 3rd season (I can’t hear you saying there will be no 3rd season, I honestly can’t!), but as a fan of KanColle, it sure is a long time! Despite the doubts arising from the upcoming anime adaptation, such as poor directing and sloppy story, that doesn’t stop my excitement to see the girls alive and kicking. But let’s face it – we’re making an anime based from an online browser game with no established story. So what?

In a short span of time, Kantai Collection has turned into a pandemic around the otaku world. Fans are getting hooked by both the game and the artwork, which features a wide array of bishoujos, something every teitoku or normal moe fans like me dream of. Much like the Idolmaster, Kantai Collection is known for its large cast; excluding the Abyssal Fleet, the number of Japanese naval ships are over 200!

After watching the episode, I felt that I had to watch it again. Still in the denial state that I’m in, I can’t believe this first episode was done flawlessly. The animation was surprisingly good, especially since the anime uses quite a lot of CGI. The story, although we’re still at the beginning, doesn’t look bad at all. As a whole, the episode packs a fair dose of action, mystery, and comedy that once balanced out and executed well can actually make this series satisfying to watch.

This first episode featured notable characters from the game; starting from MC Fubuki (who’s voiced by the same VA who voiced Dekomori), the famous Akatsuki Class Destroyers and Sendai Class Light Cruisers, to crowd favorites Kongou (CV Touyama Nao), Akagi (CV Fujita Saki) and Nagato (CV Sakura Ayane). Enemy battleships and destroyers also hailed the pilot episode, which completes the whole KanColle feel. A sea battle welcomed us on this episode’s first few seconds of fame, and you wonder just how and why did those mysterious enemy fleets come to life. Why they are so hell-bent on conquering the seas and who controls them are answers that we’ll see on the episodes to come. I can’t help but compare this to the recent Absolute Duo, as the former’s dumped the viewers with too much information overload while KanColle just gave us a teeny bit of the unknown and hurriedly went out to kick some butt.

And did I say animation was good on this episode despite the use of CGI? I’d lie if I said I really don’t care much about CGI because CGI, when done bad, affects someone watching an anime on a different level – from skipping scenes to completely dropping the series. Fortunately, KanColle’s wasn’t that much of a big deal as it blends in perfectly with the overall look. Most of the battle scenes looked really cool and neat, and that’s something you need to look out for. The soundtrack was just an added bonus, but nevertheless, perfect.

The Verdict
KanColle’s first episode really did gave a great impression for me, so I’ll give it a perfect 10. I may have lowered my expectations before, but this episode is… well, just great.

Episode Screenshots

OP Song: 海色(みいろ)Miiro by AKINO from bless4


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