2015.11.11 Happy Birthday, Azu-nyan!

It’s also National Pocky Day in Japan. But seriously, I didn’t bother eating one at all. My throat still hurts from all that shouting last Sunday.

Well, everyone knows I’m a little short on budget so this is all the props that I can do.

I wish I could make that little black space in my walls disappear.
No time (and money) to color the steel wire white.
Clay cupcakes. Clay cake. Clay Pocky (supposedly)

I didn’t have the rest of the HTT members and Ui-chan nendoroids, so Azu-nyan has random anime people as guests.

For the first guest… the beautiful Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha!

As expected of Maou, she’s got a gift for our Azu-nyan!!
Azu-nyan must be happy to get something from a royalty.

But Maou, unable to control herself, was dazzled by the cuteness of our birthday celebrant and tried to kiss her! Eeeeiiii!

Yamete kudasai!! >__<

Depressed by Azu-nyan rejection, Maou just shifted all her attention to the food.

Food as stress reliever, huh?

Hmm… I feel someone watching us from behind the sofa set…


It was Yoshino from Date A Live! Azu-nyan tries to invite her in, but…

Come join us!
Let me just drag you out, then!

Maou continues to dig on the sweets while Azu-nyan attends to Yoshino.

Don’t eat them all up!

Meanwhile, another random anime person appeared!

Surprisingly showing her girly side, eh?
Eh?! Dare?!

The mysterious person was actually Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyoujin! (What about the Titans roaming around?)

Now that the guests are complete, it’s time to start the party!

Azu-nyan prepared a number for us! Let’s give it up for Azu-nyan!!

Azu-nyan performs for the crowd.

All’s well that ends well. Let’s have a group picture before the party ends.

Say cheese… or not.

I missed Azu-nyan’s birthday celebration last year, so I was planning for a bigger one today. Unfortunately, I ran out of money before I can buy the materials I need so I had to stick with stuff I used two years ago. I was really happy just to have those balloons with me for the shoot. The clay cakes were rushed, but overall I think I did better than what I expect.

I’m looking forward to next year’s celebration. Watch out — I’m definitely gonna make it big.


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