buzzG ft. 初音ミク – 十六夜草紙 English lyrics




18th track of buzzG’s fifth album, Drama.

Uploaded 21th September, 2014 via niconicodouga.

十六夜草紙 (Izayoi Soushi)
Sixteenth Night’s Rough Draft

Samayoeru nakigara ni
Sugari naku kage ni kidzukeba
Omae no koe ni idakarete
Shinonome wo toozakete kure nai ka
Have you noticed the wandering corpse
that secretly clings onto crying
Which holds on to your voice
to keep itself away from dawn?

いつ出逢える 今日か 明日か
憂いを帯びた目 怯えていた
Hanarereba izayoi wo
Mejirushi ni shite aeba ii
Itsu de aeru kyou ka ashita ka
Urei wo obita me obieteita
Could we meet at the landmark
on the sixteen night where we fell apart
Whenever we meet today, or tomorrow
I get scared of those eyes that carries your sorrow

夕立が 容赦なく
降る 降る
Yuudachi ga yousha naku
Furu furu
The evening rain
falls relentlessly

Ame ga zaa zaa
Nureta yokogao ga kirei de
Kasa wo sashi dashite
Kureru dare ka to aeru made
Your wet side profile is lovely
As rain pours down
I hold out an umbrella
to the person I have met with

居てくれないか まだ
Ite kure nai ka mada
Until then, would you stay?

もう途切れたんだ 夢を見てたの
Himitsu no hanashi wo shiyou
Omae no ki ga yasumaru made
Mou togire tanda yume wo miteta no
Douka utsuro wanai de kure nai ka
I talked to you about secrets
Until you feel at ease
The dream I saw has already been interrupted
Somehow, where do I go from here?

萩の咲く 音がする
Hagi no saku oto ga suru
Wakare no kotoba wo
I heard the clovers bloom
The words of farewell

Kaze ga zawa zawa
Yureta kotonoha ga midarete
Hagare ochiteku
Yoru no tobari ni jirasarete
The shaken words were disordered
by the noisy wind
It’ll fall off so
stop playing cat and mouse in the veil of darkness

Se wo muketa
Turn backwards

Tsuki ga yura yura
Terashita yokogao ga kirei de
Tsugi no dareka no
Tame ni kono basho wo yuzureba
Your illuminated side profile is lovely
under the swaying moon
I turn over this place
For the sake of the next person

Sore de iin da ima
It’s all right, for now

Kanji lyrics by
Romaji by kawaiikobato
Translations by kaitsun@kaitsunnonichijou

A/N: I rarely find an album that I would listen to from track one to end, without skipping any songs. This album falls under that. But among all 19 tracks, 十六夜草紙(Izayoi Soushi) is my personal favorite in the album. Listening to this song takes me to another world—- a world bathed in the colors of the night as I stand under the brightly lit moon, having a rendezvous with a familiar secret someone. I usually hate Miku’s screechy voice, but here’s a different kind of Miku that I’d love to listen to anytime. Anyway, as with my usual translations, kindly comment below for corrections 🙂 would really appreciate it!


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