14963376_10210327079240543_5999076294520225994_nThe author

OLN: kaitsun, Onee
Current residence: Chiba, Japan
Loves: little boys and girls Azunyan, Amaki Sally, chocolates

The blog

kaitsunnonichijou is the brainchild of Anime Corner‘s Admin 「azu-nyan :3」, anime reviewer and self-proclaimed 永遠 アイドル (eien aidoru, eternal idol). Since Admin 「azu-nyan :3」doesn’t write for AC anymore, she had to look for a place where she can talk about the things that she likes: anime, Hello!Project, and Japanese music (although it’s obvious that I haven’t written a lot).

The name

My OLN was quoted by a friend, which originated from two Japanese terms: 会長 (kaichou, meaning president [of an organization]) and つんでれ (tsundere, a term which usually describes a person who is sharp and sarcastic on the outside but love-struck and fawning on the inside).


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