Otaku Summer Wars: A Wonder Festival + Comic Market post

This is not a “Guide to Wonder Festival / Comic Market” post. Close, but no.

I was planning to write a blog about my summer otaku event experiences but almost a week passed after Comiket and I can’t stop playing TS4, so I just had to do something about this procrastination.

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シーサイド lyrics

Video links: Niconico (Hatsune Miku) | Niconico (chomaiyo cover) | Youtube (chomaiyo cover)

Last week I received an update from chomaiyo’s Youtube profile about a new upload and got a lovely special treat! The original was uploaded early this year, iirc, but it’s actually a summer song so it’s very fitting for the summer! Listen closely to the waves as well!

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巡音ルカ – セカンド・キス lyrics

Video links: Niconico | Youtube
An original song from しゅーず and covered by MikitoP feat. Megurine Luka.

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